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Ethan HD

"Chi-Town Urban Emperor"

Thanks to Everyone Who Made it to Our First Show!

We’re very pleased with how our very first show on April 20th turned out. Our goal was to bring a quality wrestling show to Portland and we did just that. Our audience was amazing, they participated and enjoyed the show, the wrestlers put on a spectacular show, really gave it their all and we can’t thank them enough. IWC Pro Wrestling is looking forward to the release of the show online for everyone to view. Keep checking back here, on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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IWC Pro Wrestling has partnered with some great companies around Portland, Oregon. We’re proud to have them associated with us and we’d like to share who they are and some of the cool things they do.

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If our website is the headquarters, our Facebook would be the lounge. That is the easiest place to go to in order to discuss the show with us and other fans. All the IWC exciting events, pictures, ticket information, and updates will be on Facebook (as well as this site).

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